Welcome to One Tough Kid!

Thank you for visiting our newly developing website, which will soon become central station for celebrating Tough Kids everywhere! We need your help to grow our small organization. Jay and I are soon approaching the one year anniversary of Bryan’s entrance to Heaven, and our hearts are quite heavy. However, Bryan’s birthday, March 2nd, also approaches, and we look to this day with hope. Since Bryan was always known as “One Tough Kid,” we declared March 2nd, “Tough Kids Day.” Encouraging everyone to wear blue, this day is in honor of not only Bryan, but all Tough Kids. Additionally, we plan to hold fun, athletic events every year to celebrate Tough Kids, inspire families, and raise money for various organizations. This year, our inaugural Tough Kids Tournament is March 8th at the YMCA, Alabaster Campus. To help us promote the tournament, please click here.

We also need many volunteers for the big day! For more information, please view the Tournament and Volunteer pages. In-kind donations are greatly appreciated!

Most importantly, we want to see our Wall of Fame grow and grow. Help us find other Tough Kids to celebrate, children that endure great challenges with the kind of spirit that encourages everyone they meet. Whether the child or teen suffers from cancer, physical limitations, or other diseases, this does not limit their spirit. There are many organizations that search for cures. We want to support them but also cheer on the young heroes that make our lives more meaningful.


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