Tournament Registration is now OPEN!

Only 2 weeks left until our 2nd Annual TOUGH Kids Tournament! If your young athlete (1st-6th grade) loves to compete, be sure to organize your team and sign up before spots are filled!

Teams should consist of five and be in the same grade division: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th. There are no fees, but we do ask a minimum TEAM donation of $25 to One TOUGH Kid.

Please let us know if you plan to compete in honor of a special TOUGH Kid you know and love. We want to honor them!

Click on the Tournament link above…ready…set…GO!

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TOUGH Kids Tournament 2015!!!

2014-03-08 16.35.41Young Athletes Compete, TOUGH Kids Win!

Mark your calendars, everyone, for April 26th! The 2nd Annual TOUGH Kids Tournament will be a blast for everyone involved, from participant to parent to volunteer. And, today, we are calling for volunteers!

We need LOTS of people to help make this tournament a great success. Please click on the “Calling All Volunteers” page, or simply CLICK HERE.

We need people to help promote the event, run stations, and gather stories for our Wall of Fame.

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Happy TOUGH Kids Day!

You AreA huge THANK YOU goes out to Moe’s in Alabaster, Al, for hosting both a fundraiser for OTK and 7th birthday party for Bryan Carr, our original TOUGH Kid. They went far and beyond the call to make it a wonderfully special day. Pictures are coming soon!

THANK YOU to everyone wearing blue and celebrating TOUGH Kids everywhere! Whether a child is fighting for life in the hospital, or struggling to live as normal a life as possible, they need to know their fight is not only appreciated but celebrated. Below are some pictures of supporters wearing blue today. And, feel free to use our cards to send to a TOUGH Kid, or even a TOUGH Parent!

bluecathy bluegracie bluekim bluemisty

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Celebrate TOUGH Kids Day 2015!

It’s that time of year again and we would love to see you at the Moe’s in Alabaster, March 1st from 11-5! Bryan celebrated several birthdays there and constantly asked for a Moe’s kids’ cup or chicken “MooMoo” while in the hospital. What better place to kick off our TOUGH Kids Day celebrations?

See you there soon!

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Photos from Tough Kids Tournament Gallery 1

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One Day Left! – last minute Tournament items

Thank God we are going to be blessed with such good weather! Dress accordingly and don’t forget the sunscreen (yes, even though it’s early March!). Here are a few items to note before arriving tomorrow:

  • All volunteers please arrive between 12:45 and 1pm for set up
  • All participants, registration is 1-2pm
  • Order of events: 2pm Welcome, 2:20pm Games begin!, 3:10 Groups swap (Indoor/Outdoor), 4pm Closing Ceremonies
  • We may have actual Tough Kids present, so be prepared to treat them as they heroes they are!
  • We are finalizing refreshments but feel free to bring whatever you need.

This will be a great day, and we appreciate your support and encouragement! A special thanks to the Calera High School Ladies Softball Team and Coack McCrackin for volunteering, Chelsea High School for soccer balls, Alabaster City Parks and Rec for various sports supplies, the YMCA for support and venue space, and Evangel Classical for promotional assistance!

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Daytime Alabama One Tough Kid Story

Here is the video of the @DaytimeAlabama sharing Bryan’s Story and One Tough Kid  Day and Tournament.   Thank you to Wendy Garner for sharing the story.

WVTM-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Birmingham, AL

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CBS 42 Story

Thank you Mike McClanahan @MikeCBS42 for capturing the essence of One Tough Kid and Bryan’s story.

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One Week Left! Register Today


Only one week left until the Tough Kids Tournament! Because we are equipped for a limited number of participants, please make sure you register soon to secure your child’s place.

This tournament will be a blast! Here’s a list of some of our competitions: basketball shootout, YCross relays, Wii competitions, soccer shootouts, strength challenges, and more!

Be sure to arrive between 1-2PM to pick up your registration packet.

And, don’t forget! March 2nd is Tough Kids Day! Remember to wear blue and honor any Tough Kids you know!



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Marina Noelle Hall

Marina Noelle Hall was born Nov 22, 1994 in Poltava, Ukraine and spent most of her years in an orphanage. She was adopted in 2009 and lives in Birmingham, AL. She has 5 sisters and 4 brothers. She is a college student and has worked part-time with children at Covenant Classical School. She is the proud owner of a Great Dane named Maverick and a cat named Mia.

Marina Noelle was one of four teenage passengers in a tragic car wreck on September 13, 2013 near Chelsea. The driver was killed upon impact. Marina Noelle suffered multiple broken bones throughout her body, compound fractures, brain
hemorrhaging collapsed lung, as well as some memory and concentration loss. Her right leg was almost amputated. She has been on a journey of recovery with multiple surgeries, an Illizarov external fixator to support new bone growth and stability to save her leg and therapy to regain the ability to walk and range of motion on limbs. God’s hand on her life and the progress to this point has been very evident. She continues to rely on God’s strength for each day’s challenges as well as the future ahead.

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